Welcome to nukleus

A one stop solution to create highest quality Digital 3D Twins of your real-world products, and to publish them in photo-realistic 3D.


Our industry leading 3D scan technology captures your physical products from every angle and with every possible lighting.


The captured data is processed in our nukleus cloud, resulting in seamless mesh and perfect PBR materials.


The Digital 3D Twin is fully accessible though our REST interface, and can easily be published in web applications through code-snippets.


The following Digital 3D Twins were created with our industry leading technology

Here's what powers nukleus

Physical Based Scanning

Our Physical Based Scanning solution captures real-world products from any angle under many different lighting conditions, allowing us to capture all physical material properties in great detail, resulting in perfect PBR materials instead of traditional 'average-color' textures.


MongoDB is our backbone when it comes to storing all data in nukleus. As one of the most popular and powerful document-based databases, it perfectly stores huge amounts of data and makes it available globally through synced instances.


Node.js is our workhorse that powers the cloud communication of nukleus. We run many instances around the world, to make sure you can access your data from anywhere, anytime, with high availability.


KIWI is our in-house software framework for distributed processing of data. It is written in C++ for best performance and runs cross platform. KIWI is used by the nukleus job system to execute heavy data processing in parallel across many servers.